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Bohai Sea, at the foot of Yanshan, there is a beautiful seaside city, it is well-known tourist destination in Qinhuangdao. Qinhuangdao is the only one in the city named after the ancient emperor name for itself, but also known as the Bohai Sea gold necklace the most brilliant jewel. The ancient Great Wall fortifications Shanhaiguan, beautiful summer resort Beidaihe, together with its dazzling light rendering. Qinhuangdao winds along the waterfront on the west to the tens of kilometers to the Han Yu's hometown of Changli County. Changli County are known for their rich cultural, fascinating and renowned Chinese and foreign wines. In recent years, and daily production of more glass here, a meteoric rise, gained an outstanding reputation, propped up this piece of the banner is located in the eastern industrial park in Qinhuangdao Changli SuoKun Daily Glass Holdings Limited. Now, companies are bathed in a new era Zhaohui fluttering in the breeze, fluttering flying. 

Qinhuangdao SuoKun Daily Glass Group Co., Ltd. was established in September 2006, the headquarters is located in Qinhuangdao City, Hebei Province, the eastern Changli County Industrial Park. Group under the jurisdiction of Tangshan Khun Daily Glass Co., Ltd., Qinhuangdao Khun Daily Glass Co., Ltd., Shenyang Khun Daily Glass Co., Ltd., Qinhuangdao more super-motor transport Co., Ltd., Changli County Mingchang Waste Recycling Ltd, Fengnan Shun, and Recycling Co., Ltd., six companies, the Group employs 2,800 people. Factory covers a total area of 500 mu, the total fixed assets of about 6.8 billion years, the total cargo capacity of 4 million tons, the Group's sales and transportation and annual revenues of about 12 billion yuan. 

Encirclement of the wood, was born in Haomo; nine-story of the units, starting at the base soil. In December 1999, is now chairman of Mr. Chen Quanhe Group and others, the contractor started the collapse of the township Fengnan a glass factory, glass factory was set up Fengnan City Guanhua. Since then, step by step, from small to big, from weak to strong, laying the basis for enterprise development. 

In July 2002 Mr. Chen Quanhe and others began to build Qinhuangdao Glass Co., Ltd. Khun daily, at a workshop Khun launched the latest energy-saving 53 square-meter kiln and two internal four pairs of the latest one, six groups of pairs of a Taiwan; May 2003 Khun second workshop production, with 88 square-meter kiln 1, eight sets of pairs of two production lines. In April 2004 further expansion of the Tangshan Khun three, four workshops, three workshops have a 79 square-meter kiln, six groups of pairs of a single, eight sets of pairs of a single, HD six groups of one, put into operation on July 8; four workshops 79 square meters have a furnace, six groups of pairs of a single, HD eight sets of one, HD six groups of one, on October 24 put into operation. 

June 20, 2005 Daily Glass Co., Ltd. Qinhuangdao SuoKun plant 85 acres of the new levy, the construction of 100 square meters workshop Khun three kiln 1, and is equipped with the first company to use the most advanced servo-10 group of single three production lines, in the year November 18 put into operation. 

May 2006 Khun four kilns a production workshop 105 square meters and equipped with the Italian production of BDF ten pairs of a single, eight sets of pairs of one. June 18th Company was once again a new levy of land 50 acres, the new Khun 5 128 square meter workshop and a kiln is equipped with eight sets of pairs of Italian manufacturing two BDF, all six groups of pairs of a single servo, and put into operation on November 8. 

September 6, 2006 after the formation of Qinhuangdao SuoKun Daily Glass Group Co., Ltd. in Shenyang to buy 200 acres of land to begin construction in Shenyang Khun Daily Glass Co., Ltd., was put into operation in July 2007 a 96 square-meter kiln, and with the United States Aimuhate the latest group of eight pairs of drops of 2; put into operation in August the same year, a 96 square-meter kiln, and with the United States Aimuhate the latest group of eight pairs of drops of 2; in April 2008 put into the kiln 99 m furnace 1, and with the United States Aimuhate the latest group of eight pairs of drops of 2, made a new group of eight production lines a single droplet; the same year in May production furnace a 99 square meters and is equipped with the latest U.S. Aimuhate 8 Groups of two pairs of drops, made a new group of eight production lines a single droplet. Group annual production capacity reach 80 million tons. 

Qinhuangdao SuoKun Daily Glass Group Co., Ltd. for the production of quality products out of customer satisfaction, attached great importance to technical equipment, the introduction of high-level technical personnel and staff of the strict technical training. Group, the world's leading level of the current Italian BDF six groups of pairs of drops of the whole servo production lines 1, 8 of double drip lines 3, 10 of double drip line 1, the United States Aimuhate the latest group of eight pairs of drops of 8 units, and equipped with automatic testing line SGCC France 6, all use the U.S. Atochem steaming hot side and cold side spray painted advanced technology and equipment; 42 to -- 128 sq m of modern high-efficiency energy-saving glass furnace 13, Italy 6-color screen high-end printing machine 3 sets, the production line 32. 

In the production technology, the Group continued to adopt new technology, new materials, new equipment, to ensure the product quality stability and continuous development of new products. In 2001 and 2004, the company successively developed by Sapphire beer bottles and Peacock Blue Ice beer bottles, not only to meet the special requirements of users, but also to fill the domestic blank. At the same time, through the transformation of the domestic machine, so that single-output ranked first in the country. 

Qinhuangdao SuoKun Daily Glass Group Co., Ltd. mainly produces mainly high-grade daily-use Container Glass, now production capacity 800,000 tons. One beer bottles and bottles dry red wine with record sales of individual varieties of the highest in the country the same industry, firm size and economic efficiency among the highest in the country the same industry, has become a key pillar of the national daily glass industry backbone enterprises. The major products of beer bottles, bottle dry red wine, white wine bottles, beverage bottles four series of thousands of varieties, colors, mainly green, dark green, olive green, sapphire blue, peacock blue, brown, leaves yellow, white and Pu-high white and so on, can meet different sizes and levels of beer, wine, liquor and beverage manufacturers of filling the requirements to become the first domestic product to meet business customers a variety of colors. Yanjing Beer Group, China Resources Beer Group, United States AB Group, Fujian Sedrin Group, Blue Ribbon Beer Group, Budweiser Beer Group and China Great Wall dry red wine, China Great Wall dry red wine, Tianjin Dynasty, Changyu, Shandong, Beijing, harvest, Long Hui and the famous Shangri-La, and many other major domestic beer and wine producers are the company's regular clients. Company products are also exported South Korea, the United States, Canada and South Africa and other countries and regions. 

Group to pursue business philosophy is: quality first, user supreme. Focus on science and technology are primary productive forces attach great importance to the introduction and cultivation of talents. For six years, the company has hired high-paying manufacturing, technical and management personnel and more than 80, with more than 300 college graduates, with a strong technical backbone team strength. In 2004, the company passed the ISO9001: 2000 quality system certification, through the establishment of a sound quality assurance system, strict product quality, persist into the factory from raw materials to finished the whole process of production quality control, ensuring product quality product rate of 98 % or more, the product for four consecutive years by the Hebei provincial government as a "best-selling brand of Hebei Light Industry" by China Light Product Quality Assurance Center, recognized as "Chinese consumers are assured that shopping credible product quality," for five consecutive years by the National packaging Test Center assessed as high-quality products. 

now in the annual Group of 80 million tons, 1.7 billion product, exports more than 200 million. 
I believe that the strong support of leaders at all levels, in the enthusiastic help of friends, peers, in the Khun the hard work of all staff, the quality of our products will meet the domestic first-class and international level, our business will certainly go more brilliant future. 
Strength is the basis of quality, quality is guaranteed to take off, the vast sea days, the cause of extensive, Qinhuangdao Khun Daily Glass Group Co., Ltd. is wise hard-working, visionary group of companies led by Chairman Mr. Chen Quanhe along by leaps and bounds speeding along the fast lane all the way triumphant. 
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