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Shandong Yaohui Solar Co., Ltd.

high-borosilicate glass products

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Established in March 2002, Yaohui Group has over 1,600 employees and covers an area of more than 400,000 square meters. It consists of three branches—Shandong Yaohui Solar Co., Ltd; Yanzhou Yaohui New Energy Co., Ltd; and Hubei Yaohui Solar Co., Ltd. A leader in China’s high-borosilicate glass industry and one of the world's best manufacturers of specialty glass, Yaohui Group has always been firmly committed to the research and development of high-borosilicate glass products and other specialty glassware. In our development and production of glass products, we employ cutting-edge technology and emphasize health and safety. We are the largest manufacturer of high-borosilicate glass not only in China, but the whole world. Yaohui produces more than 60% of all vacuum heat-collecting tubes used by Chinese producers of solar water heaters. Our production mainly consists of high-borosilicate heat-resistant glassware and airtight glass containers; high-borosilicate glass tubes u... [详细介绍]
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