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Sisecam Glass Packaging wins "A’ Golden Design Award"

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Core prompt :Sisecam Glass Packaging, Europe's and the world's fifth largest glass packaging manufacturer, returned from the A Design
Sisecam Glass Packaging, Europe's and the world's fifth largest glass packaging manufacturer, returned from the “A’ Design Award & Competition”, the world's leading design competition held by OMC Design Studios SRL and its spinoffs, with an award.

Sisecam Glass Packaging has won the ‘Golden Design Award’ with its Frederik beer glass bottle in the category of "packaging design" in A’ Design Award & Competition, the world's leading design competition. The glass bottle, which has an angular form and which is considered a cornerstone for pressurized packaging, was designed specifically for Tuborg.

Giving total 13 awards to 9,803 approved works out of 66,100 entries from 180 countries and in 110 categories, A’ Design Award & Competition has a five-level award system in various categories such as decoration, furniture, architecture, textile, illumination, toys, digital products and aircraft industry in addition to packaging. With its Frederik beer glass bottle, Sisecam Glass Packaging has won the Golden Design Award, deserved by only 2% of all participants, reaching the second highest level in the 2017-2018 period.

Organized and awarded in a wide array of categories every year, ‘’A’ Design Award and Competition is the world's biggest design competition awarding best designs, design concepts and products and services. Offering a just, ethical and competitive competition platform for all companies, designers and inventors/innovators as well as different experience levels, different branches and markets, 'A’ Design Awards aim to allow the award winners to present their achievements and skills to a global audience. Winning the A’ Award is a certificate of excellence for designers, and a proof of quality for companies.

Operating under the body of Sisecam Group, the global player of the glass industry, Sisecam Glass Packaging is Europe's and the world's fifth largest glass packaging manufacturer with a total current production volume of 2.3 million tons/year. Sisecam Glass Packaging is continuing its activities with 10 production plants in four countries comprising Turkey, Georgia, Russia and Ukraine. Leader of the Turkish market, Sisecam Glass Packaging provides the food, water, mineral water, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages industries, as well as pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries with glass packaging of various volumes from 6cc to 15,000cc and different colours.
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