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Annealing Lehr

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Location: Shandong 烟台市
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The last update : 2018-04-16
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Product details
Usage: BLTHL-(X) series air-recirculation annealing lehr is suitable for the annealing of glass bottles, pots, and glassware, to release the stress caused by the quick cooling during the forming process.

1, The structure of the lehr is made of steel, it is designed by section by section installation, so that it is convenient for transportation, and can achieve a quicker installation on site; especially for the reconstruction customer, the reconstruction time can be reduced greatly.
2, Temperature of each zone can be automatically controlled, the thermal parameters can be monitored easily by the customer.
3, Air recirculation makes sure a uniform temperature at each zone, and increases the heat transmission efficiency.
4, Good insulation makes sure lower energy consumption, and therefore a lower cost. 
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