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Tempering Lehr

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Location: Shandong 烟台市
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The last update : 2018-04-16
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Basic information company
Product details
Usage: This series of tempering lehrs are suitable for the tempering of hollow glassware(glass tumbler, salad bowl etc.).
Characteristics: the glassware are loaded on rotary spindles driven by returning chains, so that to make sure an even temperature at different parts of the glassware, and therefore a better tempering effect. Now our company has successfully designed none-firebrick recirculation-type tempering lehrs, with an energy consumption 20% less than fire-brick type tempering lehrs. The design of this type tempering lehrs has been registered as a State Utility-Model Patent.

Technical parameter
Overall diameter range of glassware:80-200mm
Wall thickness of glassware:2-8mm
Weight range of glassware:200-1500g/pc
The tempered article can resist thermal shock of ΔT 120-160°C
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