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Inspection Machine

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The last update : 2018-04-16
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Basic information company
Product details
All-in-one Inspection Machine for Bottle sidewall, finish and base.This system can be used for full 
inspection of various kinds of glass bottles, such as beer bottles, infusion bottles and medicine

♦ Specifically developed inspection algorithm based on characteristics of home-made glass bottle 
♦ All round inspection with optimal floor space
♦ Stress inspection module to inspect stones in area with patterns
♦ Uniquely designed image grabbing angle to guarantee detection rate
♦ Waste collection table to ease defected product observation




Color of Bottle

Amber, White, Green, Brown and etc

Shape of Containers

Round, rectangle

Dimensions of Containers

Height: 200 to 350mm

Diameter: 55 to 105mm

Other dimensions available after customization

Inspection Speed

>400 bottles / min

Inspection Items

● Defects on sidewall (Crack, Bubble, Stone, Dirt, Wrinkling, etc.)
● Defects in finish (Line over Finish, Closed Blister, Crack, Broken finish, Wear, etc.)
● Defects in base (Bubble, Stone, Crack, Greasy dirt, Bulkhead deviation, Foreign matter, etc.)
● Dimension defects (Body Diameter, Neck Diameter, Mouth Diameter, Height, etc.)

Special Feature

Can be applied for containers with patterns and engrave on the body

Power Supply

220V, 6000W


3.0m×1.5m×2.4m (L×W×H)

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