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Inspection Machine

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Product details
The Full Servo Universal Inspection Machine is the latest release of the multi-functional rotating inspection systems from DATIA Inspection Technology Co., Ltd. DATIA is the joint venture established by Tiama MSC & SGCC and Beijing Daheng Image Vision Co., Ltd. Tiama MSC & SGCC has been designing and developing inspection machines of glass containers for 45 years while Daheng Imaging has been dedicated in research and development of machine vision inspection machines for 22 years. Thanks to their technological cooperation and mutual market insight, the universal inspection machine achieved the perfect combination of world’s leading technology and China’s manufacturing.

♦ European standardized mechanical drawing and processing quality 
♦ Full servo control with minimum mechanical structure to make the system more stable
♦ Fully digitalized adjustment for each tunnel of crack inspection, oscilloscope feature display for every tunnel to ease inspection adjustment
♦ Code recognition meets various requirements of encoding, codes can be read through software interface
♦ Signal input and output, motor running status fully monitored and diagnosed by computer



Full Servo Inspection Machine

Color of Bottle Transparent, Green, Brown

Shape of Containers

Round, Oval, Square

Height Range of Bottle


Diameter Range of Bottle


Inspection Speed Up to 200 bottles/min



Storage Temperature

- 20°C to + 60°C

Operating Temperature

+10°C to + 45°C

Storage Humidity

90% (+40°C, No Condensation)

Operating Humidity

40% to 90% (No Condensation)

Inspection Items

Crack Inspection: Digital crack inspection device; Up to 16 digital channels; Inspection on bottle mouth, bottle neck, bottle shoulder, bottle body, bottle heel, bottle bottom

Inner/Outer Diameter of Bottle Mouth Inspection: Servo control; Based on multi-level measurement device; Depth up to 90mm

Air Tightness: Servo control; Pressure difference measurement; Bottle mouth gap inspection

Code Recognition: Character code, point code, 2D code; Recognition rate over 99%

Ovality Inspection: Optional between contact/contactless type

Thickness Inspection (Optional): Bottle body, bottle shoulder, bottle heel multipoint measurement; Precision up to 0.02mm

Power 4.5KW, 380V, 50.60Hz, 25A

Compressed Air

3-6BAR (40-90psi), dry and clean

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