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Jinggong Mould has been successfully selected as a national level specialized, refined, and new

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Core prompt :On July 14th, Jiangsu provincial department of industry and information technology, which organized by the ministry of i
On July 14th, Jiangsu provincial department of industry and information technology, which organized by the ministry of industry and information technology, released the list of the fifth of specialized "Little Giant" enterprises, Jing Gong Mould successfully made the list with its innovative achievements in the field of high-end glass mould materials, won the "Little Giant" enterprise of " Specialization, Refinement, Peculiarity and Novelty”.

Among the enterprises with "Four Specialties" of "Specialization, Refinement, Peculiarity and Novelty", the "Little Giant" company is the best. It is the leading enterprise which focusing on market segmentation, strong innovation ability, high market share, mastering key core technologies, and excellent quality and efficiency. In 2021, the ministry of finance and the ministry of industry and information technology jointly issued the notice on supporting "Specialization, Refinement, Peculiarity and Novelty" to small and medium-sized enterprises, focus on supporting the high-quality development of "Little Giant" enterprises.
Jing Gong Mould is identified as a national "Little Giant" enterprise, which is the recognition of the scientific research strength, innovation advantage and precipitation technology by national ministry of industry and information technology in the field of glass mould, and it is also a high affirmation of comprehensive strength in the research, development innovation ability, business development scopes and market application.
As the leader of the domestic glass mould industry, the core team of Jing Gong Mould has worked tirelessly in the field of high-end glass mould materials and manufacturing process for many years, it has successfully developed nearly 20 kinds of high-end glass mould new material products such as high-alloy black vermicular graphite cast iron, rare earth alloy cast iron, corrosion-resistant and wear-resistant nitinol alloy, high-chromium wear-resistant and heat-resistant alloy, high-performance manganese copper alloy, and heat-resistant high-nickel copper alloy. And Jing Gong Mould has more than 40 effective intellectual property rights, including 16 invention patents. It is also the first to adopt the mode of "automation innovation technology + green intelligent casting" in the glass mould material casting industry, through the advanced casting key technologies, to help the rapid development of new materials for glass mould and intelligent casting, continue to lead and promote China's daily glass mould field of technological innovation and high-quality development.
In the future, Jing Gong Mould will continue to dive in and specialize in glass mould materials and advanced manufacturing processes, continue to accelerate the transformation of glass mould scientific and technological achievements, promote industry-university-research cooperation and exchanges, and make greater contributions to the happy life of mankind.
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